Huizhou Dayawan Project

The project is located at Mamiao, Aotou, Dayawan District, Huizhou City, Guangdong Province, the PRC. The project will have a GFA of approximately 92,094 sq. m., comprising properties for residential and commercial uses.
It is close to Xin’ao Avenue, a trunk road connecting Huiyang District and Dayawan District, and is only seven kilometres away from the Huizhou Highspeed Railway South Station. The project is positioned to be a quality urban residential community with natural slope land garden view.
The Huizhou Dayawan Project is being developed in one phase. As at 30 June 2021, the superstructure construction works, foundation piling works and earthworks were in progress. The pre-sale of properties is expected to commence in March 2022. The filing for completion of construction of the project is expected to be made in 2023, with the project promoted as Huizhou One Mansion (惠州粤海•壹桂府).

Properties Held for Sale under Development and Investment Properties under Development

Property project



Interest held by the Group

Approximate total site area
(sq. m.)

Approximate GFA*
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Expected completion and filing date

Huizhou Dayawan Project

Huizhou City, the PRC

Residential/ Commercial




Superstructure construction works, foundation piling works and earthworks in progress


* Note: Including the project's common area and area transfer to the government.